Our Team

Michael Adams

Michael Adams is Founder and President of the Environics Institute, which he launched in 2006 after many years heading Environics Research Group which he co-founded in 1970.

Andrew ParkinPh.D.

Andrew Parkin is Executive Director at the Environics Institute, following 25 years of experience leading public policy research on a variety of issues related to federalism and democracy, education and social policy, and the Canadian political community. 

Keith NeumanPh.D.

Keith Neuman, Ph.D. is now serving as Senior Associate with the Environics Institute, following his role as the inaugural Executive Director. He is based in Ottawa, and can be reached at [email protected].


Board of Directors

Michael Mendelson (Chair)

Michael is a Maytree Fellow and was previously Senior Scholar at the Caledon Institute of Social Policy.

Antonia Maioni

Antonia Maioni is Dean of Arts at McGill University, and renown scholar of political science and social policy

Chaviva Hosek

Chaviva Hosek is currently a Professor at the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto.

Peter MacLeod

Peter MacLeod is the co-founder and principal of Mass LBP, and one of Canada's leading experts in public engagement and deliberative democracy.

Peter Dinsdale

Peter Dinsdale is a strategic thinker and action-oriented Executive who strives to improve the world around him. He is currently Chief Executive Officer of YMCA Canada where he is working to create the Canada We Want through the YMCA We Need.