• Regional Perspectives on the Economy and Climate Change

    This first report from the 2020 Confederation of Tomorrow survey covers the evolution of attitudes related to federalism, regionalism and nationalism, and the related issues of energy and climate change policies in Canada.

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  • Black Experience
    in the GTA

    What does it mean to be a Black person
    today in Canada’s largest city?

    The Environics Institute, in partnership with
    Ryerson University's Diversity Institute,
    United Way Toronto, the YMCA of Greater Toronto
    and the Jean Augustine Chair at York University,
    conducted a major study focusing on the
    Black community in the Greater Toronto Area.

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  • Political Polarization in Canada and the U.S.

    In Canada, left-right polarization is much less pronounced than in the U.S., and has generally declined over the past decade.

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  • A new in-depth exploration into the lived experiences of Syrians who arrived in Canada in 2015-16