• Women's Equality and the Women's Movement: An Update

    Just over 50 years after the tabling of the report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, the sense that more needs to be done to promote the equality of women has not faded

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  • Working when Sick How Workplace Regulations and Culture Will Impact the Post-Pandemic Recovery

    Access to paid sick days and the influence of workplace culture both impede efforts to contain the spread of serious illness

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  • Democracy and Political Polarization in Canada and the U.S.

    More Americans stand at either end of the political spectrum; more Canadians stand in the middle

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  • Making Up Time: The Pandemic’s Impact on Young Adults in Canada

    The pandemic’s impact has been felt more acutely and more persistently among young Canadian adults.

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  • Canadian public opinion about immigration and refugees


  • Canadian Public Opinion about Indigenous Peoples and Reconciliation

    The 2021 Focus Canada survey reveals that attitudes in Canada are shifting

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  • Support for Democracy in Canada

    Canadians are generally satisfied with the country’s democracy and political system, and are becoming more likely to trust its key political institutions and actors.

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