• Intergenerational Mobility in Canada – An Update

    One in four Canadians feel worse off, financially speaking, than their parents were at their age, and almost one in two say the next generation will be worse off than they are.

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  • Study now released

  • Regional Perspectives on Politics and Priorities

    For the first time in over a decade, environmental issues now top the list of the most important problems facing Canadians. But views on the country’s top problem are strongly related to region.


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  • Canadian public opinion on immigration
    and refugees

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  • Toward Reconciliation - Indigenous and non-Indigenous Perspectives

    This third report from the Confederation of Tomorrow 2019 survey of Canadians examine how Indigenous Peoples see the country and their place in it, how non-Indigenous people view the situation of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and how both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people think that the process of achieving reconciliation should be advanced.

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