• Could It
    Happen Here?

    Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit

    From award-winning author Michael Adams,
    Could It Happen Here? draws on groundbreaking
    new social research to show whether Canadian
    society is at risk of the populist forces afflicting
    other parts of the world

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  • Black Experience
    in the GTA

    What does it mean to be a Black person
    today in Canada’s largest city?

    The Environics Institute, in partnership with
    Ryerson University's Diversity Institute,
    United Way Toronto, the YMCA of Greater Toronto
    and the Jean Augustine Chair at York University,
    conducted a major study focusing on the
    Black community in the Greater Toronto Area.

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  • Focus Canada: 
    Canadian Public
    Opinion About 
    Immigration and
    the USA

    As part of its Focus Canada public opinion
    research program (launched in 1976), the
    Environics Institute updated its research on
    Canadian attitudes about immigration
    and about the USA.

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    Canadians have their say on the state of
    their democracy and governance

    The AmericasBarometer is a multi-country survey
    that documents how citizens in Canada and across
    the hemisphere view their country on key issues
    of democracy and governance.

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