• Public Opinion in Metropolitan Canada

    This report examines public opinion on a range of issues in Canada’s four largest metropolitan areas – Montreal, Toronto, Calgary-Edmonton (combined) and Vancouver – and assesses the extent to which there is a common big-city mindset or agenda that differentiates those living in these major urban areas from the rest of the country.

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  • Toward Reconciliation - Indigenous and non-Indigenous Perspectives

    This third report from the Confederation of Tomorrow 2019 survey of Canadians examine how Indigenous Peoples see the country and their place in it, how non-Indigenous people view the situation of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and how both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people think that the process of achieving reconciliation should be advanced.

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  • Confidence in Democracy and the Political System

    An update on trends in Canadian public opinion

  • The Environics Institute, in partnership with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, has conducted a landmark survey of Canadian public opinion and experience as it pertains to race relations.

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  • Youth Reconciliation Barometer 2019

    What are the perspectives, experiences and priorities of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in Canada?