Black Experience in the GTA

What does it mean to be a Black person today in Canada’s largest city?

The Environics Institute, in partnership with Ryerson University's Diversity Institute, United Way Toronto, and the YMCA of Greater Toronto, is launching a major new study focusing on the Black community in the Greater Toronto Area. Survey launches in January 2015.

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2015 Survey of Muslims in Canada

An upcoming update on the 2006 survey of the country's Muslim population

In 2006 the Environics Institute conducted the first-ever national survey of Muslims in Canada. Fast-forward to 2014, how are Muslims in Canada faring today? The Environics Institute, in partnership with five leading Muslim and non-Muslim organizations, is planning a second national survey of Muslims in 2015 to update the original research and identify both important trends and emerging issues.

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Focus Canada 2014 Canadian Public Opinion and Climate Change

As part of its ongoing Focus Canada research, the Environics Institute partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation this fall to ask Canadians about climate change, and determine how opinions have changed or not over the past year. REPORT JUST RELEASED

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The Environics Institute

Promotes public opinion and social research

on important issues of public policy and social change. Social science-based evidence is key to helping organizations and citizens better understand Canada and our world as it is today, how it is changing, and where it is heading. Read More

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May 12, 2015

Putting the "public" back into public opinion and market research

The following article by Keith Neuman was published in the May issue of MRIA's VUE Magazine >>>>>>>>>>> One often reads in these pages about the many challenges facing market research today, but the industry overall is clearly alive and well. The most recent estimates of economic activity in 2013 totaled $600 million in Cana...

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May 11, 2015

Dad rules when sex ed collides with religion

The following opinion piece by Michael Adams was published in the May 11, 2015 edition of the Globe and Mail. Let’s face it: Ontario’s new sexual health education curriculum is not just a pragmatic adaptation to the internet age. It is also a reflection of social change. Even a simple development like naming body parts without shame is a sign ...

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April 09, 2015

Michael Adams to present at Munk Conference on Values in the Americas

Michael Adams will be presenting at an upcoming conference on Values and Value Change in the Americas, hosted by the Munk School of Global Affairs on April 17, 2015 in Toronto. The other speaker is Dr. Mitchell Seligson, Professor at Vanderbilt University and founder of the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) and the AmericasBarometer. The event ...

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Crimeans weigh in on annexation, one year later

It has now been a year since the Russian annexation of Crimea, which contravened international law and raised international tensions between East and West rarely seen since the end of the Cold War. The Russian take-over of this region from Ukraine was widely viewed in wester... Read More

Research Industry wrestles Margin of Error monkey

Almost any time you read about a public opinion poll you will see a sentence, usually at the end, stating a “margin of error” percentage, “plus or minus.” Those who know something about research will understand this to be a statistical measure of the ... Read More

When survey research goes to war

Public opinion surveys are used for many purposes, and some have much less profile than others. A good example is how survey research is now being used by governments and their militaries as a counter insurgency tool in conflict areas. This research flies largely under the m... Read More

What’s wrong with online survey research methods?

Perhaps the most significant trend in market and public opinion research in the past decade has been the emergence of online research methods as the dominant form of survey data collection. This trend has taken for three reasons: a) to leverage the expanding array of digital... Read More

Practical advice about survey research goes video

When organizations, students and newcomers to the survey research business look for “how to” guidance, the choices are largely limited to textbooks, consultants and on-the-job experience. Now there is a new resource in the form of short practical advice videos th... Read More

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